Important Pointers To Help You Start Off Some Serious Golf Skills

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Golf is increasingly becoming popular attracting people from different walks of life, particularly in the United States. This can be linked to the fact that by 1900 there were about 1000 golf clubs in the US. This is one the most enjoyable outdoor games you can participate in, for business or pleasure, or simply as a spectator.

Whatever your reason is, it’s essential that you get acquainted with the basic rules that govern both players and fans of this game. While there are different precepts that dictate the code of conduct in different golf clubs, they cannot be mistaken for the universal rules of golf etiquette.

The rules to this game are pretty easy, however, failing to observe even simplest of them can cost you a great deal. For instance, at given time, any golfer is expected to carry a maximum of 14 clubs during a stipulated round. Contrary to that, you are at risk of facing a two-stroke penalty.

An 18-hole golf course offers the standard rounds normally seen in golf tournaments. Here, you are expected to use your club to strike a ball from a designated point, know as the “teeing ground”, and the ball passes across the fairway to a second designated point, where the hole is, this point is known as “putting area”.

The main idea in golfing is to use minimum strokes to get the ball from the teeing area to the putting area. In addition to these two prepared areas, other features such as the rough and other hazards account to the completion of each round. Basically, golf has two forms of play, one which is determined by the number of strokes in each round while the other is decided based on the number of holes won and lost.

Golfing entails several other principles that must be followed to the letter, they include.

The act of striking a golf ball isn’t always easy even for professional golfers, so make sure you get your tee correct. There are markers to guide but they’ll differ with gender. Yellow is normally for men while red is for ladies. In addition, the distance between you and the ball should be two club lengths.

Mind your balls
A two-stroke penalty tag is possible if you accidentally mistake your opponent’s ball for yours and also if you forget your ball. Golf balls are often similar and therefore it’s important to mark your ball clearly before striking. You can use distinctive symbols to distinguish yours from the rest, this is important especially when the ball is in the rough.

Play your ball as it lies
Unless the rules state otherwise, you are always expected to play your ball as it lies, which means the ball has to come to a rest. However, this golfing rule does not apply when you are in a loose impediment situation. Here, you are allowed to remove any obstacle such as leaves, litter, twigs, branches just to name a few. In case the ball falls on man-made obstructions like sprinklers or drainage, you have a leeway of dropping the ball within one club length towards the relief point.

Unplayed lies
Not every position within the golf course is favorable to strike. In cases where you balls lie in unplayable position, you have three options at your disposal.
1. You can choose to hit the ball from where you struck it in the first place.
2. Throw the ball towards a relief point behind the unplayable lie
3. Or, you can choose to drop the ball on whichever side of the unplayable lie, but it has to be within two club lengths.

Although there are other rules you are supposed to follow while golfing, these are just a few examples to get you started in this interesting sport.

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