The Easiest Way To Boost Moral In Your Office

All too often when you walk into the break room after long day you find a pot of coffee that’s probably cold as ice or is nearly empty. By the time you get everything situated and make another pot your break is over and it is time to go back to the daily grind of work – without your needed cup of coffee. This situation would frustrate anyone who so badly needed that single cup of coffee to continue on with their busy day without giving the rest of their coworkers any strife. Considering the fact that studies show the average American consumes 3.1 cups per day of coffee, it is quite imperative that office workers get their coffee breaks. This is why a single cup coffee machine for the office could be one of your best investments for both you and the rest of the workers who scramble for a fresh cup daily.

Over half of Americans drink some type of coffee every day, 54% of Americans to be exact! A coffee provider can be their best friend. However, a cup of coffee that’s been sitting for too long or heated up in the microwave one too many times becomes more of the over processed mud variety. Who really wants to take a big gulp of over processed mud? Office coffee maker machines can be useful, but not every worker is going to be able to scramble away from their desks as soon as the pot is ready to be poured. Instead, a single cup coffee machine for the office can turn around an offices entire day. Just think about being able to walk into the break room and quickly, in a matter of mere moments, a fresh hot cup of coffee is piping hot and ready to be consumed.

Why is it that coffee is so important to so many workers?

Well statistics have shown that 200 milligrams of caffeine consumed from coffee can help a person to identify words and phrases easier than a day without a cup of coffee. 46% of office workers claim that coffee helps them stay productive and clearly with the results from vast studies they are in deed correct. The FDA also claims that coffee can be pinpointed for enhancing low energy levels and improve concentration and memory skills. Who doesn’t want to have a magic drink that makes an office run smoother? Cold coffee that’s been sitting in a percolator just is not going to have the same affects on your workers that a nice hot cup of joe would have.

Why not just add regular coffee makers and call it a day?

Because these single cup makers are so much more convenient for an office. With workers who take breaks at different times having a single cup of coffee to grab makes it so that there is never a pot left to get cold, better yet, it means that there is less coffee to waste for you and your business! Just think on how much can be saved from the pots of coffee that go down the drain day after day because no one wants to drink it after it has been sitting or too many hours. A regular coffee machines for office consumption can be fine, but isn’t it better to indulge your workers and give them something better than fine?

So the next time you wonder how to make the office run smooth, a single cup coffee machine for the office should be your decision. You will probably even see an improvement in office moral with this change to your office breaks. And it may just mean that you won’t be the one to deal with the cold coffee offerings! Make sure your office coffee supplies are up to date and enjoy the benefits of knowing that no one in the office is drinking cold glorified mud (or even tea if that’s what they prefer). Enjoy your single cup coffee machine for the office without guilt, hassle, or worry.

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