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Recipes using guacamole

Did you know that guacamole originated with the Aztecs in Mexico approximately 500 years ago? Guacamole is traditionally made using avocados, and this dip can be eaten in a variety of different ways. There are several types of guacamole available, and each one is able to be utilized in various classic guacamole recipes.

1. What is guacamole? All forms of guacamole use avocado as their main ingredient. However, different food items can be added to guacamole in order to modify its flavor. For example, some classic guacamole recipes call for garlic, lime juice, tomato, and onion, while others require the addition of jalapenos and red peppers in order to make spicy guacamole dip. Fortunately, adding more vegetables to the recipe significantly improves guacamole nutrition. As a result, guacamole can be eaten in a variety of different ways.

2. Recipes using guacamole. In addition to being eaten as a dip, guacamole can be used to make existing foods more flavorful. For example, guacamole can be added to lettuce wraps in order to give them a more distinct flavor, and it can also be eaten with cedar planked salmon, as well. Even spreading guacamole on a turkey sandwich will liven it up and make it more appetizing. Since guacamole is a versatile food item, it can be added to other cuisine in order to make these dishes more nutritious and tasty.

Since its creation in the 16th century, guacamole has become an important food. Different vegetables and juices can be added to mashed avocado in order to improve its flavor and nutritional value, and these different forms of guacamole can then be included in various food dishes. As a result, guacamole has become a staple in not only Mexican cuisine, but also in various foods around the globe, as well.

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