Got Cravings? Why Bulk Candy Orders Make A Fantastic Supplement To Any Birthday Or Office Party

Most of us have a favorite candy or two.

When’s the last time you reached for a Butterfinger after a stressful day? Did you have a favorite candy that lit up your eyes during Halloween night? For many Americans candy holds a special significance, beyond the bright colors and tasty flavor. It’s a part of our history, symbolizing special times and fond memories that can be unleashed with the twist of a wrapper. When a celebration comes up and you need some old fashioned candy to commemorate the occasion, there’s only one place to turn to.

Bulk gourmet candy is cheaper, but no less delicious. Here are a few fun facts you might not know about candy, all to get you warmed up for that birthday party or office party you’ve been planning!

Americans Are Intense Candy Fans

You’re more than aware of how popular candy is in the United States. The average American today will eat almost 25 pounds of candy every year, with 50% of that candy coming from the top 50 chocolate bars. These include (but aren’t limited to) Snickers, Butterfinger, Hershey’s, Lindor, Three Musketeers, you name it! Nearly one out of four American adults will choose at least one piece of candy every day of the week. These little treats are great pick-me-ups and personal rewards for small achievements.

Chocolate Is Actually Quite A Healthy Ingredient

This might come as a surprise, but chocolate is pretty good for you! This delicious ingredient is filled with antioxidants, essential elements that bolster your immune system and keep your body sturdy. What makes chocolate candy unhealthy is all the additional sugar and milk. Milk chocolate remains the most popular form of candy for chocolate bars, including 10% to 20% cocoa solids (alongside cocoa butter). Nearly three billion pounds of chocolate are consumed in the United States every year…that’s nearly 10 pounds per person!

Some Candies Have Been Around For A Very Long Time

Whether you’re in your twenties or in your fifties, you’ve no doubt come across the same brand over the years. Those delicious Lindt candies filled with caramel, cherry goodness, and milk chocolate have been making people smile since the mid 1800’s.The Hershey’s company is a little newer, having been established in the late 1800’s. Old fashioned candy is the very embodiment of some classics never die! Choosing the right kind of candy for the event, despite all the options at your fingertips, is far from difficult.

Children And Adults Have Wildly Differing Tastes

Pretty much everyone’s got a sweet tooth that needs satisfying. When it comes to picking the old fashioned candy to round out the party, all you have to do is appreciate biology. Children will eat four hard or chewy candies for every one eaten by adults, so make sure to double down on those bulk gummy candy orders. Adults, on the other hand, generally prefer chocolate candies. This is due to more mature tastebuds preferring flavor over a punch of sugar, so consider this when when you buy chocolate candy online.

A Dash Of Candy Is A Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Candy cheers people up. It gives them something to reflect upon and a dash of flavor to chase away the rough day. Studies have shown Americans over the age of 18 will consume nearly 70% of the candy produced every year. In fact, the average American will eat chocolate for 50% of their yearly candy intake. When creating a memorable event you can reach out to an old fashioned candy shop online for bulk orders, making sure everyone can get in on the fun!

Ready to chow down? See what a little chewy candy can do to turn your next event into a success!

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