Why Are More Coffee Shops Adding Hot Soup Stations? Upgrading Your Cafe To Beat The Competition

Visiting a coffee shop isn’t just a quick stop for caffeine. It’s often an entire experience!

This tall order is the new norm these days…and one you need to keep up with by using the right supplies. One customer might need some drip coffee to get through their rush, but they’re not sure if they want to add a little sugar. Another might be hankering for some hot soup after a long shift. Meeting all their demands is easy when you keep your stations properly stocked. Custom paper cups, hot paper cups, and various coffee accessories are what you could call the ingredients for your cafe’s success.

Let’s take a look at why the coffee, tea, and soup industry is doing so well these days!

The American Coffee Industry Is Thriving

It might seem like a drop in the ocean sometimes, but your cafe has the potential for so much growth. The retail value of the American coffee market has been sitting at an astonishing $50 billion, with specialty coffee comprising a 55% value share. In fact, the United States alone imported over 25 million bags of coffee in 2014! Specialty coffees add up to 40% of American coffee cups and are widely considered to be of the highest quality in the world. Coffee that tastes delicious is one thing, but can you keep the ball rolling with your paper cup wholesale products?

You Can Easily Cross Over Coffee With Tea

Before we get into the nitty gritty of coffee cup accessories, take a look at tea. The only hot and cold drink loved more than the bean is the leaf, even in the coffee dominated United States. Black and green tea remain the most popular for their strong flavors and high caffeine count, though there’s a solid niche to be found in white tea varieties. Herbal tea is growing more popular because it lacks caffeine and is quite healthy, to boot. A recent study found independent coffee shops to rake in over $10 billion in annual sales.

Soup Is An Essential Part Of Any Cafe

Customers don’t just visit for the coffee. They want to know how you’ll make their breakfast, lunch, or snack something they won’t soon forget. Americans have been found to consume more than 10 billion bowls of soup every year, which is pretty impressive when you consider how widespread fast food locations are! Back in 2016 a study on the popularity of soup found 30% of deli operations focusing on enhancing their hot soup stations. This means not just different types of soup, but plenty of hot soup containers, lids, and napkins.

Coffee Is Actually Quite Good For You

Here’s a fun fact: coffee is one of the healthiest things you can drink! Three to five cups of coffee per day has been closely linked with the cognitive decline associated with aging — this can be as high as a 65% decrease in developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. This is due to coffee’s high amount of antioxidants, essential ingredients in creating a heartier immune system. Around 30% of the American population drinks coffee ‘occasionally’, with 65% of all coffee consumed during breakfast hours. Drip beats out espresso, too, and accounts for 60% to 70% of all cafe sales.

No Coffee Shop Should Be Without These Accessories

If you want customers to keep coming back for more, it’s essential you get your accessories in order. No customer wants to leave the front counter with their drink only to come back with a request for some extra sugar. It’s the customization that makes coffee and soup purchases so much fun! Coffee stirrers are less fussy than spoons (as well as more eco-friendly), so make sure to double-check your list for these in 2019. Creamer and sugar should always be on hand, too — over 65% of coffee drinkers prefer to add something to the drink.

From hot soup to delicious tea, your coffee shops should offer more than just their title. How will you keep up with the tide?

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