Meat Consumption Is Increasing In The United States Saving Money With A Better Meat Tenderizer Machine

Times may be rough, budgets may be low…and in spite of it all? Restaurants never go out of style.

Americans love eating out. This simple fact regularly breathes new life into a vast arrangement of restaurants, eateries, cafes, food trucks, and food chains. Keeping pace with an increasingly hungry and curious populace means updating your equipment. That old meat tenderizer machine isn’t going to hold up to high volume weekends, certainly not for hard workers who need every break they can get. Before you start updating your menu or spending more on digital marketing, consider improving the core of your restaurant.

A commercial meat grinder that works fast and effectively will have the positive ripple effect you need to garner that high ROI. Here’s how.

The Growth Of American Restaurant Sales

Take any look around you and you’ll see a notable spike in restaurant sales. That’s due in no small part to the pervasive love of a good dining experience among several American demographics. In the restaurant industry yearly sales have hit a stunning $785 billion, with 35% of Americans visiting casual dining restaurants at least once per week. There’s something undeniable about sitting down with friends and enjoying good food with good weather. Providing the same high-quality memories each and every time means buying commercial restaurant equipment that lasts.

Most Popular American Cuisine Today

What kind of food sits at the top of the pile? According to recent studies, there are more Mexican restaurants than Italian bistros, Chinese kitchens, and chicken rotisseries. That’s as many as 38,000 Mexican restaurants (and variants) located across the American landscape. No matter which cuisine you offer, though, good equipment is essential to keep up with growing demand. Meat consumption habits are increasing all across the board and there’s a wealth of potential for businessowners that remain proactive.

Development Of Meat Consumption Habits

A high-quality meat tenderizer machine goes a long way. Recent studies have shown meat consumption increasing notably in the United States — research provided by advisory firm Rabobank projects that meat consumption will reach levels of over 200 pounds a year per capita. The best meat grinder has to achieve several things at once. You need to be able to grind up meat quickly, grind it safely, and keep up with high volumes. Anything less could seriously cost you in the long-term.

Long-Term Impact Of Faulty Equipment

When you have equipment that can’t hold up, it creates a ripple effect that’ll spread to your workers and eventually your customers. This goes for a meat tenderizer machine and it goes for a commercial bakery mixer. It can take up to 25 minutes to knead dough by hand — an industrial dough mixer, however, can slice this time by half without losing quality. Think about how much of that could instead go into more promotion or more cleaning expenditures. According to a recent Harris poll, pizza remains Americans’ biggest comfort food.

Choosing Better Meat Tenderizer Machines

The restaurant industry is only continuing to shatter records in yearly sales. More Americans than ever are wanting memorable dining experiences and delicious meat dishes, be they at an Italian bistro or Mexican eatery. Your first order of business to create a positive long-term impact for your business is to invest in a better meat tenderizer machine. Maintaining your meat grinder means keeping it cold — that means all its parts — and cleaning it regularly. According to the USDA, cutting boards, utensils, and countertops can all be sanitized with a tablespoon of unscented, liquid chlorine bleach in one gallon of water.

Give your restaurant the best tools possible. Invest in the best meat grinder and create the buzz you need to thrive.

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