Why Are Burgers An American Favorite?

Burgers are a staple in American cuisine; everyone desires hamburgers for a meal of their choice. The American favorite of burgers and shakes can be traced back to the early 40s and 50s during defining periods in American history—authentic hamburgers are fondly remembered by elders that hung out at restaurants with their friends and significant other while dining on some of the best burgers. The meaningful memories that are typically associated with having authentic hamburgers and shakes solidify its place in American history even more and many business owners have taken the nostalgia shared over cheap, authentic hamburgers and created an identical restaurant that embodies the 50s essence. Statistics show that nearly 34% of American do casual dining at least once a week and consume approximately 14 billion burgers every year, which means burger joints are quite popular in the United States. America’s history is so closely associated with this comfort food because of it’s the most enduring icon among American cuisine in a diner or local fast-food franchises.

Why Burgers Are America’s Favorite

Cheap, filling, tasty foods are what America is known best for, and burgers meet all of these criteria. The staple meal of burgers and shakes are heavily intertwined with the national consciousness in American values that always want something quickly. Authentic hamburgers also relate to an extensive collection of memories that allow people to reminisce on the ‘good ol’ days’ of America’s rise that was celebrated with authentic hamburgers, during the triumph of America food played a significant part in that. Fast food derived from exceptionalism and the Industrial Age in America, making authentic hamburgers was a large factor in industrialized food they were processed to make them an entire meal ready to eat that Americans immediately flocked towards. Offering delicious, cheap food through industrialization was praised for its innovativeness—fast food was also highly beneficial to the Great Depression because it promoted cleanliness and healthiness with a low price. Fast food reinforced the myth that all Americans had access to a cheap, balanced meal.

What Are America’s Top Favorite Fast-Food Burgers?

1. In-N-Out: Burger Double Double

2. Five Guys: Original Hamburger

3. Five Guys: Bacon Cheeseburger

4. Whataburger: Whataburger Original Whataburger

5. Burger King: Whopper

6. Wendy’s: Baconator

7. Fuddruckers: The Original Fudds

8. Wendy’s: ¼ LB Single

9. Steak’n Shake: Double’n Cheese Steakburger

10. Fatburger: Original Fatburger

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