Reasons To Buy Bee Pollen

There are many people who may wonder why it is worth it to buy raw bee pollen. After all, why would you buy raw bee pollen when you could just buy raw organic honey? But there are uses for both and reasons to buy raw bee pollen and buy raw honey both.

The bee is a fascinating creature, one that is integral to our survival. Surprisingly, bees are pretty fast, typically able to fly as fast as fifteen miles per hour. To pollinate enough flowers to make even just a pound of honey, one honey bee would need to fly a total of ninety thousand miles – this is equivalent to one whole trip around the globe. The average honey bee typically produces only around one twelfth of a tablespoon of honey in its entire lifespan. This is why bees work together, working as a hive to produce significant quantities of honey. For humans, bees are hugely important, as they pollinate our crops, helping to keep them alive and available for growth and our eventual consumption.

There are many reasons to buy raw bee pollen and raw organic honey. First, it is important to support the production of these goods, as bees are crucial to the world. People who buy raw bee pollen and the like are helping to keep bees in business, so to speak. In fact, bees are responsible for pollinating nearly twenty thousand dollars worth of crops in just the United States alone. This accounts for thirty percent of all crops in the United States. Bees also help to keep as much as ninety percent of all wild plants alive.

There are a number of health benefits and reasons of the like to buy raw bee pollen and other bee products such as fermented honey or beeswax pellets. Beeswax can be used in topical ointments or balms, as well as lip balm for long winter months (particularly useful for those with perpetually chapped lips between November and March). Raw bee pollen also has health benefits, such as a considerable amount of protein as well as a considerable amount of amino acids. Honey too can be incredibly useful, as it has the right pH level to adequately help to prevent the spreads of certain kinds of bacteria. In fact, honey has historically been used to treat medical conditions like burns and to stop the spread of infection, as it works in some ways like a disinfectant or antibiotic (though not nearly as effective).

Honey has always been popular in the United States, but it is now more popular than ever, with the typical person in the United States consuming over a pound of honey every single year. North Dakota alone produces more than thirty pounds of honey in just one year, and many states produce similar quantities, though not quite as much. Honey can be expensive, with a retail price that has been climbing in recent years, but it is well worth the cost. There are many reasons to buy raw bee pollen and other products that are produced by bees.

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